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Work is like a Christmas movie

What if going to work was like a Christmas movie? Yes, I know it’s April.

I was thinking about some of the patients that I have had throughout the years who overcame amazing odds; the woman who had huge abdominal surgeries with major complications and healed despite 8 months in the hospital or the man who had a traumatic amputation and despite terrible phantom limb pain went on to get married, have 2 kids and go back to work.

We all know of patients who have overcome big and small things. We all have worked with them through loss, grief, and heartache. We have often had to be the ones to instill in them the belief that they CAN in fact move forward despite the hardships that have befallen them. Sometimes we have to force them to take action, to believe in their own capabilities and the importance of small steps.

We are cheerleaders and teachers and confidants and coaches, and that doesn’t even touch half of our roles as nurses.

In all of these people, the magic lies in the belief that they CAN improve their health and wellness, even when there is no guarantee of cure. The magic lies in the belief that they can have a good and meaningful life despite what they are going through. I see this all the time in pain management and I am sure you see it in your specialty as well.

What hasn’t occurred to many nurses is the same is true for us and our challenges at work.

We don’t believe things can get better.

We don’t believe that there is a way to progress, despite the odds.

And this is totally understandable, after all, we have a lot of evidence supporting all the hardship that work throws at us.

But what if the true first step is to just believe it is possible to feel better at work even if nothing at work changes?

Do you believe this to be true?

I get it if you don’t believe this.

It is a possibility that you may not have had to consider before, much like a patient with a new ostomy or a woman post-mastectomy. There is a lot of emotion involved and a shift in identity that comes with it.

So what if we approach ourselves with the same understanding and support that we show our patients. We don’t blame them for having emotions. We don’t blame them that they can’t see the possibility for health and wellness despite their situation.

We give them support and lend them our belief that they can still thrive.

So what if it is equally true that you can be happy at work, that you can thrive as a nurse, despite the situation.

How would you feel if you could believe that?

What if it’s true, even if you don’t feel like it is right now?

And then from there, what would change for you if it is true?

What if it is possible for you to feel supported at work?

What if it is possible for you to remain empathetic despite the workload?

What if it is possible for all the little things at work to go wrong and you could just take it in stride?

What if it is possible for you to be happy at work again?

What would it feel like to stop second guessing yourself and your ability to get through this?

It IS possible, and just belief that it is possible can plant the seed of hope.

Feeling hopeful changes everything.

Hope dispels overwhelm in challenging situations.

Hope lets you push through fatigue.

Hope gives you purpose.

Hope stops rumination in its tracks (which is one of my favorite byproducts of feeling hopeful).

It’s like a Christmas movie, all you have to do is believe and the rest will fall into place.

I dare you to try it. I dare you to ask yourself over and over today,

“what if it’s possible to thrive here, despite the odds?”

Yup, it’s that easy. Just asking the question over and over will plant the seed of possibility in your brain. Let me know when you feel the beginning of a shift in how you feel and how that affects your day to day at work.

I am holding the belief for you, just like you hold belief for your patients. I know, with 100% certainty, that you CAN thrive in your role now and that feeling better IS within your control.

I know because I have lived through it myself, and now I am making sure you can too.


If your belief is wavering, reach out and let me support you in supporting yourself. Click here to set up a consultation.

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