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The one thing you need to hear

What’s the one thing you really need to hear today, the one thing that would make everything a little bit better, or easier, or less psychotic?

Admittedly I have had a string of really crazy days, serious and stressful changes at work, multiple family members in the hospital, kids trying to get through finals. 

And then there are the seasonal stressors. 

What I have not done (until just now) is think of what I really need to hear this week. 

Here’s what I have come up with.  If you have had a stressful week, picture someone sincerely saying these things to you.

No matter what problems come up, you have people around you who are dedicated to making this work.

It’s great that you can be a medical support for your family when they have health issues

You are stacking the odds in your favor to be ok (resting when needed, using your meditation app, packing food for work, cutting yourself some slack by not adding extra responsibilities to the calendar).

You are focusing on the important things.

You have gotten through all of your hard weeks so far. This one will be no different.

Sometimes showing up and trying IS the win.

You have a great team.

You always figure things out.

You can go to bed at 7:15. It’s totally fine. 

What would your list say? If you are feeling wound up and overwhelmed, take a minute to write down what you need to hear. 

Seriously, get a pen and write down the sentences that would give you some comfort. You don’t have to use mine.

Once you have your list, read it over multiple times- no less than 3. Reading it aloud gets you bonus points.

And then take a minute and see how you feel.

This exercise is a quick (and sneaky) way to feel better. It helps you come up with thoughts that support you during stressful times. It allows your brain to find the right sentences to bolster you up while stopping the crazy sentences of overwhelm constantly racing through your head.

By saying them aloud, or even just reading them multiple times, can help you really internalize them.

It may be true that work may be filled with uncertainty. 

It may be true that your family is having health issues or your children are struggling.

It may be true that you have a lot of things that you need to get done in the next 10 days.

But the other things are equally true. You have gotten through all your tough weeks so far, You do always figure things out and it is 100% ok to go to bed at 7:15. 

Choosing to focus on what you need to hear, and then telling yourself that very thing, will make you feel better every time.

Short and sweet- done and done


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