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Practicing Resolutions

There are 11 days left of this year. 11 days left until self-judgement sets in and disgust prompts us to make proclamations of change, proclamations that “this year will be the year.” Too often we set some goal that if we really examined it, we only believe that there is about a 40% chance that we will obtain it, maybe even less. Too often we set these goals from a place of disappointment, scarcity, or frustration.

But what if this year could be the year? What if instead of spiraling through the holiday season, treating each meal like the last supper, or each social engagement as an Olympic bobsled course of emotional lability, we took a moment to think about what this past year was like and what we want next year to be?

What if we practiced our resolutions?

I, like many, would like to lose weight, exercise more, grow my business, increase my family time. What would that look like if I just “practiced” at it now? No pressure, it’s just practice. There is nothing to lose with practice, it’s just a drill for the real game. Some days will be better than others. Some days I might forget my sneakers, or oversleep, or not show up my best. But I will show up because I want to be ready. The only way to fail at practice is to not show up at all.

If I shift my mindset now, I can spare myself the disgust, and who likes to feel disgusted? I can look at the things I accomplished, or survived, or pushed through this year and set some goals with intention for next year. Maybe I will reach them and maybe I won’t but no one can argue that with practice comes growth, and truly continued growth is my resolution for every year.

So I am going to end 2019 with practice, and with peace in the knowledge that with practice comes progress.

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