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Is it even possible?

What are you figuring out right now?

Do you realize just how important this question is?

My guess is a lot.

You figured out how to get through nursing school. That’s a big one and I’m sure it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Maybe you figured out how to get through a loss of a relationship, or financial struggles, or a diagnosis.

Maybe you figured out how to buy a house and manage your budget.

Maybe you figured out how to get through your children’s behavioral issues or school issues (not my angels of course).

Maybe you had to figure out the loss of a loved one or a change in employment.

Maybe you have figured out how to navigate conflict in your marriage.

Some things that you have figured out are things that you signed up for some are things that just happened to you.

In the moment, many of these situations may have felt overwhelming. You may have felt helpless.

And yet you figured it out.

To take it one step further, how many things have we supported our patients through as they figure out how to keep going despite trauma, terrible surgical complications, or long COVID? We are experts at holding the belief for them that they can come through great difficulty and thrive despite these obstacles.

We know the importance of believing that things can be figured out.

So, what if you can figure out how to thrive despite the hardships of working in healthcare? What if this belief is the first step to getting back to really loving what you do?

How does it change your approach and mindset around work if you start the day with the intention of “I can figure this out”?

And from there, can you move to “I AM figuring this out”?

It is figureoutable.

Yes, it may feel overwhelming at times, it may be emotional,

but we have so much evidence in our lives that we figure things out.

The belief in possibility will change the lens through which you see everything at work. It will give you back control.

Try it.

You ARE figuring out how to do the hard work of nursing AND feel good while doing it.

It is possible,

and you’re doing it.


If you need some help figuring out how to figure it out, just click here to schedule a consult. That’s exactly what I help nurses with.

Since I figured it out for myself, I am determined to help as many other nurses as I can do the same. We don’t have to be suffering through our days, and we don’t need to find new careers. I am here when you’re ready.

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