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Yoda, available for hire.

Do you ever wish you had access to a personal mentor, one who already achieved exactly what you want to accomplish and started right where you are now? One who could understand you perfectly and see just what you needed? One who could teach you specifically what to do to be successful?

Do you wish you had your own Yoda?

Today is your lucky day. I am granting your wish.

You can have exactly this,

for free,

right now.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is already available to you.

Enter your future self.

I would love to tell you all the science as to why this works but I actually have no idea. I just know that it is a very effective strategy to figure out what to do next, how to avoid frustration, and ultimately to achieve your goals… all of them.

So what is this “future self” strategy? When you are frustrated or stressed about what to do next, try this. Picture the version of you that has already accomplished whatever your goal is, the version that has already overcome whatever problem you are having. Imagine what her life is like. Take 60 seconds to really get a good visual (you have 60 seconds to spare for this, trust me). What does she do during the day? How does she act? Now ask her what to do next, ask her advice.

The next step is the part that you are going to be tempted not to do, but it is a crucial part of your Jedi training. Take a pen and paper and write yourself a letter from your future self. No, I’m not joking.

Dear Megan,

I am so glad you reached out for help, I know exactly how it feels to be where you are now. Don’t worry, I can definitely help you with what to do next…

(you get the point).

I find that one to two paragraphs later I have tremendous clarity. It’s truly like magic. You will find yourself effortlessly stepping into the role of a mentor, giving encouragement and advice. And the best part is,this encouragement and advice is phrased in the perfect way for you to internalize it, understand it, and incorporate it into your goal achievement strategy.

It’s custom made. For you. By you.

If you are really struggling with something, I double dog dare you to try this (even if you think it sounds ridiculous).

What do you have to lose? 5 minutes of your time and a piece of paper? Upleveling doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive, or out of reach. You have exactly what you need already, no lightsaber required.


Try this strategy to help you get through work stress. Need some extra help? Click here to schedule a brainstorming consult call with me :)

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