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Innovating your unique path to wellness

Innovation is intriguing; coming up with something new, something that fulfills a specific need. Looking at the world we live in, it is truly amazing what people have created across so many domains, technology and music, art and architecture, medical advances and mental health.

We are surrounded by innovators, they're not just scientists in a lab. Look at TikTok or Pinterest or Youtube if you want to be amazed by creativity. Innovation doesn’t just apply to the latest gadget or a pharmaceutical discovery, it applies to anything that makes us think in a new way, explore a new possibility. 

Seeing things in a new light can allow for growth and lead to healing.

Do you want to feel better in your life? Are there parts of your that could use some healing?

Be a wellness innovator.

Wondering what that means? Let me explain.

Step one is to try something new, anything new. Try a new radio station or a new recipe, find somewhere new to walk the dog or go in the opposite direction than you usually do. Try a new type of workout or join a new group like a book club or a professional organization. Change something up in your routine. Plan a vacation to somewhere new. Try watercolor.

Anything new and different counts. Order a different coffee (I know I am talking crazy now).

This practice of doing something new can lessen the challenge of becoming a wellness innovator. By trying something like the examples above we engage our brain in new ways with very little risk (If you hate the recipe, you don’t make it again.) It makes trying easier AND failing easier. 

It preps you (and can be fun).

The second step is the “big one”. Hypothesize what may improve your wellness and then try it. That’s it.

Keep in mind, most innovations don’t work smoothly on the first go around. Whatever you try may need to be tried or tweaked multiple times.

Not sure where to start. Start by recruiting yourself.

Recruit yourself to guide the practice.

There is no right or wrong place to start and please don’t confuse wellness with health. While certainly intertwined, going for ice cream every Friday with your kids may be exactly the intervention your wellness needs and yet none of us will pretend that sugar is healthy.

But wellness is good for your health.

This is why you need to recruit yourself. Only you can really know the best intervention to start with. Be your own expert. Make a decision and go for it.

Think for a minute. If you had to take a guess as to what would improve your wellness, even by 10%, what would you say? Let’s start there.

Won’t this be fun?

We problem solve for so many other things, we plan and prepare and check things off the list.

Let’s bump wellness to the top of the list.

What will you do for your wellness today? And what will happen if you keep building up from there?

I hope you feel the little thrill of possibility.


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