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Nursing Beyond the Job LLC

6 Weeks to Love the Job

You Can't Afford to Leave

with Megan Filoramo
Nurse Coach and Nurse Practitioner

How can we help our patients if we are running on empty?

How can we give compassionate care without losing ourselves?  new jersey nursing beyond the job self-care

It IS possible to love being a nurse again, to feel like you are doing a great job despite the current state of healthcare. Click here to schedule a call.

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Here's the answer to regaining your time and achieving a goal beyond surviving your work day!

  • Understanding without judgement
  • Support that only one nurse can give another
  • Developing personalized goals
  • Regaining (or establishing) job satisfaction while making measurable progress toward sustaining your own health and wellness
  • Brainstorming together what you actually want and how to get there
You'll discover that together we can find options to give you peace of mind when you find yourself frustrated at work, burnt out, or unable to maintain your own health and wellness at the level you want to. As a nurse myself, I understand first hand the struggles of balancing nursing and life. Reach out to enjoy the process of developing creative approaches to make meaningful progress toward your personal goals.

"I have done it before with other coaches and have not had lasting change. After participating with Meg’s coaching I committed to a healthier lifestyle and have lost over 20 pounds and maintained it. I have less stress in my life and more motivation to pursue new work opportunities. The aspect that was most helpful was having a kind, intelligent, non-judgmental partner that held me accountable to goals we agreed to together"- Maureen

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