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How the wisdom of Walt Disney can fix your head

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” At least, that's what Walt Disney says.

This is all fine and good for Walt but he was going around building magic kingdoms and creating singing mice. Those impossible things SOUND FUN.

But what about the impossible things like being fit and strong, or getting along with family over the holidays, or hosting AND having a good time? What about the impossible things like getting through a day without yelling at your kids, or getting out of work on time AND not totally burnt out? What about finishing all of your holiday tasks, or actually scheduling some down time, or losing weight during the holidays and not committing to it on January 1st… again? All of that sounds nearly impossible and none of it sounds particularly fun. It just sounds a step above horrible.

It sounds like damage control.

And yet, this idea of impossible things being fun sparks a glimmer of hope inside of us, which is why, of course, Walt Disney was a genius.

What if good old Walt is right?

What if it can be kind of fun to do the impossible?

Having fun sounds much less exhausting then spinning like a crazy person in a whirlwind of impossibility.

When we were children, we prioritized having fun. It was the driving force of our decisions. And with age and responsibility, we accepted that sometimes we have to do things that, on the surface, don’t really seem so fun. But what if being responsible and having fun weren’t mutually exclusive? Wouldn’t that be exciting?

I know you want me to tell you exactly HOW to do this. The skeptic in you may be pushing back a little, after all, losing weight or struggling through family relations can't be fun. Or can it?

2 steps/questions, that’s it.

1. If you could accept today for what it is, instead of wishing for it to be different, what would that look like?

2. What can be fun about today?

Resist the urge to be snarky in your answers to these questions- let yourself be helpful and supportive to yourself instead of negative. (I say this after I had to redo my own answers to these questions… did you know they make erasable gel pens that don’t suck?)

It’s as easy as opening your mind to the possibility that today COULD be fun. And if this is true, go back to the things that you think are impossible, maybe something in the list above, and ask the 2 questions about that. See what comes up for you, I guarantee that you will surprise yourself.

In the words of Walt,

“When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”

Today. I choose to be interested, curious and engaged. What about you?

Let's actually do the impossible things, let's have ALL the fun.


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